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Strategic Consulting

Compello is your IT partner for effective solutions in the areas of profitability, organization, processes and control. In recent years, Compello has gained a great deal of knowledge of sector-specific processes. Compello also supplies interim management and takes over processes if desired. We are always independent, advise expert and dare to guarantee results!

Software selection

Compello assists various customers in drawing up a Programme of Requirements and corresponding long and shortlist of suppliers. With the necessary experience in different industries we know the IT software landscape and with this knowledge, we can help customers make the right choices when selecting the right supplier.

Interim management

There are frequent situations in which our customers temporarily want to hire extra knowledge and experience. The reason for hiring an interim manager may be in the event of crisis situations, efficiency operations, outsourcing processes, organisational changes, special projects or the temporary observation of a management position.

IT roadmap

In order to go through the transition to a future-proof and secure IT infrastructure, it is important to draw up a clear IT roadmap. Based on the existing situation, wishes and requirements, the IT roadmap draws up a vision for the future, including a plan of action to arrive at this future situation.

IT workspace

Fixed workstations quickly disappear. The demands placed on the flexibility and freedom of operation are high by the agents to work where and when they want, without compromising on safety, performance, availability and accessibility. Compello takes stock of and investigates the possibilities and describes the route to carefree IT.


Compello helps clients with various workshops to develop a good IT strategy. This must, of course, be in line with their business strategy. Questions that are raised include the following:

  • How is IT now set up? What are the bottlenecks?
  • How would you like IT to look like in two years’ time?
  • What value should IT add to the company?
  • Cost control of IT versus its added value for you and your business?
  • These workshops give our customers insight into their IT environment and are often also the first step towards drawing up a sound IT strategy.

Second opinion

By means of a second opinion, an assessment is made of your ICT environment or a proposal by another party. A second opinion can be useful in case of doubts (or conflict) about a proposal, delivery or uncertainty about the project (plan). It should be seen as an aid to a well-considered decision on a situation, investment or contractual obligation.