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Perfectos desconocidos 2017 full torrent

Perfectos desconocidos 2017

Seven friends gather for dinner and decided to play a game in which all incoming messages and calls will be visible to the whole group, giving rise to a series of revelations that seem to slow down “normal” life.

Director: Lex de la Iglesia authors: Lex de la Iglesia (screenplay), Jorge Guerricaechevarra (screenplay)

The same night that happens with the red blood cells, to gather some friends of many years for the dinner: The group is formed by the plastic surgery Alfonso and his wife, the complete illumination, EVA, which are the hosts of the supper; The prosecutor of San Antonio and his wife Ana; Taxi driver Eduardo and his young wife, and soon the white cattle; And finally, musicians, the old gymnastics teacher did it, that looks amazing without his partner, Luca soon. Motivation and white, and any accusations about the group about the behavior of some of them, suggests a game where all the people leave their phones on the table, in a way to speak for all the content of text messages and voice. Beginning as an innocent game, progressive revelation of the mystery that resulted in a series of more and more serious incidents: Alfonso’s suspicion that Eva has hello, has seriously thought that Antonio is gay, on the white side and terrible about it you realize married Eduardo and the musicians are trying to keep hidden, etc.. .

When a group of friends met during the month to participate in a dinner in the elegant house of Eva and Antonio, they suspect that it is just another night of uncommon until the hostess offers a game. All customers must keep their phones on the table and read all incoming calls and respond to the starters in front of the entire group. What started as a provocative game and the party quickly turns into a wild ride.


Perfectos desconocidos 2017

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