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Managed Services

Compello knows that managing your IT environment is complex and challenging. You can rely on a flexible IT infrastructure but with guaranteed quality, performance and availability. Compello’s Managed Services service provides you with complete control of your application landscape and/or IT infrastructure. Our close relationship with the major suppliers in this field in the market enables us to quickly and efficiently resolve the most complex issues. This makes your company more flexible, innovative and cost-efficient.

Outsourcing services

The continuity of the IT environment is crucial. The availability of a cost-efficient and scalable ICT environment enables modern organisations to achieve maximum success. It sounds like a big challenge, but with modern technologies, Compello is able to relieve the customer completely. Before we start work, we take all the time to investigate the organizational consequences and to go through them with you (Finance, HRM etc.) After that, we will gladly take your care with the efforts of our specialists. With Compello’s outsourcing services, your applications are maximally available against a minimum of’ own’ resources.

Lifecycle services

Sound lifecycle management is crucial to ensure the continuity of production processes. IT is becoming an increasingly crucial part of day-to-day business operations. IT must always be available and within reach. A disruption in IT can have major consequences for business continuity. An important aspect herein is a good and reliable organisation of ICT and the IT environment.

To enable an organisation to perform optimally, Compello has created Lifecycle Services. These services focus on the continuity, reliability, availability, capacity, security, speed and scalability of the IT environment and are crucial to continuing to deliver added value to internal business processes. Our Lifecycle Services are flexible and fully tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Remote and on-site services

Compello offers both remote and onsite support services. This concerns the right to 2nd and 3rd line support when it comes to resolving disruptions. Depending on the nature of the interference, we will initially try to remedy the interference remotely. If this is not possible, an on-site visit will take place. Within our managed services we are also standard monthly on-site with our clients to proactively support the IT environment. This will prevent possible problems that may arise in the future.

Monitoring services

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) continuously carries out checks on the ICT environment of our customers. In this way, future disruptions are detected at an early stage and timely action can be taken on them so that the availability of the business processes is guaranteed. The identified disruptions will be solved in consultation. Any patches and updates required are identified, advised and implemented. Reports are generated and discussed periodically. In this way, we are ahead of potential problems in our customer’s ICT environment and can proactively support them.


Compello has a team of specialists available for second and third line technical support on IT infrastructures. We offer the possibility to use our service desk portal. Here you can log in and register calls. After registering a registered call, the first step is to check whether the disruption can be solved by telephone. If, as a result of the registered call remote support or deployment on location is required, this will be initiated by our service desk. Through our ticketing system, our customers always have an up-to-date overview of the open calls and associated actions.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

In order to be able to offer your employees the high quality of your services, central registration and coordination of ICT processes with regard to many different suppliers is crucial. Compello’s Single Point of Contact service can be used to regulate the central registration and central coordination of ICT processes. This solution ensures that ICT reports relating to your business processes reach the relevant supplier, are handled with the correct level of knowledge and that the processing time of the report is correctly monitored. All this via a single digital platform, which means that your Front Office only needs to provide information once. Compello takes responsibility for an optimal and efficient process around ICT changes, incidents and other questions. 24 hours, seven days per week