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A team of IT specialists implements your IT environment according to a clear, pre-established plan. Only when the added value is visible to you will we start working. Meanwhile we have successfully helped many companies to a new IT environment where the emphasis was on quality, timely delivery and no surprises afterwards.

Hybrid cloud

New technological developments make a different way of working possible. Working independently in terms of time, location and equipment is becoming the norm and employees expect IT to be increasingly provided for by the IT department. Organizations are forced to make choices between cloud, hybrid or on-premise solutions. In making these choices, it is important that the solutions meet your needs for scalability, growth and cost clarity. It is also important to weigh all facets and possibilities of both on premise, hybrid and full cloud.

Compello has extensive expertise in the field of cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. We are able to provide you with advice in an objective manner. In addition, we not only take care of the technology, migration and implementation in this area, but we also focus on the impact that migration to the cloud has on the daily work of an organisation. For a successful deployment of cloud solutions, it is essential that end-users embrace the new technology and can work with it. Our experts therefore carefully guide end-users in this process.
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Security and compliance

Compello provides organizations with innovative ICT security solutions to prevent cybercrime, data theft and data leakage. Experienced security professionals bring your information security and facility into the picture and lift it to a higher level. With its Managed Security Services, Compello offers solutions that provide an adequate remedy against cyber attacks and data breaches.
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Communication and cooperation

Compello uses Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and related solutions to improve communication and collaboration within organizations. Working together, online, on documents and automating work processes has become increasingly important, and more and more organisations are using or considering SharePoint. Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business further optimises communication and collaboration processes. Compello has more than 12 years of experience with these solutions. Besides Compello has solutions for developing an intranet, extranet or Internet portal.
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Dynamic workplaces

Organizations can only respond effectively to changing circumstances if they have truly adaptive workplaces. This means that the workplace infrastructure is set up in such a way that people can work wherever and whenever they want. Of course, careful management of user identities, privacy, digital rights and security is of great importance. With workspace solutions, Compello makes it possible to solve problems with selecting, implementing and integrating components within the office environment. For the end user, this means that they can use any application anywhere and anytime, on any device.
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