Compello GDPR Quickscan


Compello GDPR Quickscan

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The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is active on 25 May 2018. On 27 April 2016, the EU published the final version of this legislation, which came first and foremost for the protection of private data. Private data means any data that can be linked to an individual, such as bank card data, passwords, financial data, medical and social data. The EU’s primary objective with this new legislation is to give citizens greater control over their personal data. A second important objective is to further support the digital economy.


For who ?

A common misconception is that the legislation would only apply to large companies, but the GDPR applies to all companies based inside the EU regardless of their size, based outside the EU but provide goods and/or services to EU citizens or collect personal data and/or monitor the behaviour of EU citizens.


Some examples of misconceptions about the GDPR:

  • We do not process consumer data.
    – Every organisation has to deal with personal data
  • Our organisation has fewer than 250 employees
    – This was once the case, but it no longer applies.
  • We are GDPR-proof with ISO-27001 certification.
    – An ISO certification contains a number of points of the GDPR, but not everything.
  • GDPR only revolves around digital data
    – Non-digital documents may also contain personal data.

Compello GDRP Quickscan

Compello has designed the GDPR Quickscan to determine your organization’s status within the framework of the GDPR. Through this quick scan, our consultants will inform your organisation of the GDPR requirements. They start by determining which data is used within your organisation (assess phase). They then determine how these data are managed (control phase). The last phase examines how these data are reported (reporting phase). The results of the GDPR Quickscan are drawn up in the form of a report, which is then discussed jointly with you. On the basis of the discussion of these, the possible follow-up steps are discussed with you.

If you would like us to help your organisation by means of the Compello GDPR Quickscan, please contact us at