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Hangouts Update Free Download Torrent


Celti is a instant messaging and video conference from Google. You can get it in Google, Gmail, and mobile applications from IOS and Android, as well as a “froma Chrome” extension that allows you to chat with your contacts directly from Windows (function () {(“Preview-app-Desktop”);});

Instant Messenger and video calls

At this station there is a platform for instant messaging with conventional attributes of any good messaging; When you have a Google account, you can send messages, pictures and Emoyys only to your contacts or group chat.

Video-conferencing allows video calls with more than 10 people at the same time, regardless of which device they have contacted. It combines applications such as YouTube and Google Drive, and sounds and visual effects, making it a little more fun during the call.

Only essential

Once installed, you can access the Google Chrome register in the right hand corner of the screen above the Windows taskbar. When not in use, the window is reduced in the notification area.

The interface is despolic and minimalistic to focus on what is most important: chitchat. The main window shows a list of your contacts and search engines so you can quickly search. When you make video calls, a larger window gives access to all apps and features associated with your videos.

Everything you need

Senators are perfect extensions if you have many contacts with the service. It’s something you need to communicate easily with friends, adding some fairly cool video calls. The only weakness is that you have a basic sound that can ring and be open to the functions at all times.


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