Compello enters into partnership with Myler

Compello enters into partnership with Myler

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Compello entered into a new partnership with Myler on 1 December for sourcing IT professionals and contract management. In addition, Compello is part of a group of strategic partners who through a unique network help each other to continue to innovate and stimulate growth.


Myler, one of the largest IT mediators in the Netherlands and Compello, an IT knowledge party with extensive experience in complex cloud transitions, joining forces in a special collaboration. Within this partnership, Myler facilitates the search for the best IT specialists for Compello’s flexible IT workforce, with these contracts also being managed by Myler. In addition, Myler also helps to provide Compello’s customers with the right IT expertise for their flexible IT knowledge.

In line with this, Myler has also entered into a partnership with DecenterX, the blockchain company. Giesbers, CEO of Compello:”The demand for blockchain specialists will increase sharply. DecenterX is currently working with a team of blockchain professionals from Amsterdam on various proof of concepts and concrete blockchain implementations. Myler offers the possibility to match the blockchain’s scalable blockchain with associated resources.

With this partnership, Myler and Compello show that complementary organisations can and must strengthen each other from a strategic point of view. Within the current highly fragmented market in which we operate and the IT scarcity that continues to persist in the Netherlands, it is wise to find sound partners to strengthen each other, now and in the future. With the expertise of Compello and Myler’s sourcing knowledge and experience, we are convinced to expand our portfolio of IT specialism for our clients; says Geo van der Wilk, CEO of Myler “.

Myler Partner Program

No partner is the same for Myler. In this way, each organisation has its own focus, expertise and needs, which is of course mutual. That’s why Myler has chosen to join partners and together create added value for joint business. Myler sees the Partner programme as a growth model. In this way, they like to offer the unique opportunity to grow together into an ever more valuable partnership. In the strategic partnership with Compello, for example, the focus is on achieving mutual growth in sourcing solutions and innovation.