single point of contact service provision

Compello takes care of and coordinates

A medium-sized healthcare institution in the west of the country has been using ICT technology for many years for their business processes. They have their own Front Office, which independently maintains contacts with a large number of ICT suppliers. Various suppliers are involved in providing services for office automation, telephony, line connections and business-critical applications. Individual contact is maintained with all these suppliers, whereby incidents are reported and the level of service must be assessed. Inefficient and above all prone to errors.

The desire to manage these processes externally arose at the beginning of this year. With an experienced ICT knowledge partner with knowledge of ICT solutions from different ICT suppliers.

Multiple ICT suppliers mean a multitude of underlying agreements with different parties. A clearly transparent process with fast response times from suppliers is of great importance. Many organisations can make a profit here and avoid irritation. The increasing complexity of the technology used makes this complex, time-consuming and difficult to manage. Direct, direct, direct contact with suppliers from the Front Office also requires the necessary knowledge of employees to address ICT incidents and changes at the right party. Especially when several suppliers are involved in an ICT issue, this is a complex process. The agreements and performance made must be tested continuously. In addition, suppliers operate individually towards the customer, while incidents and changes within the ICT spectrum often have common ground. In this way, the status of the report is unclear. In addition, unnecessary time is wasted on gathering information about reports, internally and by suppliers, as a result of which the Front Office is heavily burdened with communicating with the suppliers.


In order to be able to offer the high quality of service to the customer's employees, central registration and coordination of ICT processes with regard to many different suppliers is crucial. The healthcare institution has opted for the Single Point of Contact services (S. P. O. O. C.) of Compello. Because of the lack of this central registration and central coordination in ICT processes, the Single Point of Contact service of Compello has been deployed. This solution ensures that customer reports reach the relevant supplier, are handled with the correct level of knowledge and that the processing time of the report is correctly monitored. All this via a single digital platform, which means that the Front Office only needs to provide information once. Compello takes responsibility for an optimal and efficient process around ICT changes, incidents and other questions. 24 hours, seven days a week. With knowledge of the facts, Compello ensures that all suppliers can contribute to the healthcare institution's business process and that there are no unnecessary misunderstandings or delays in solving disruptions. With its Single Point of Contact service (SPOC), Compello offers an environment in which suppliers report disruptions and also record progress. Compello monitors the process and ensures that ITIL best practices are implemented. Compello takes care of the healthcare institution's communication with its internal customer and external supplier through a single transparent platform. Before the central Service Management System can be implemented, Compello makes an inventory of all the ICT suppliers involved and, together with the customer, makes a complete mapping of this. Not only are suppliers' services discussed and documented, but also underlying service level agreements (SLAs) are considered. Among other things, this is important so that Compello, as a Single Point of Contact, can also monitor lead times for reports that are pending with suppliers.

Compello also ensures that all suppliers involved have knowledge of the central Service Management System. In this way, the customer's Front Office can at all times see how the customer's reports continue to communicate internally. The status of all reports that have been released at ICT suppliers is therefore always transparent and updates regarding a report are documented and communicated. Once a report has been registered, the information of the report is available to all suppliers. Benefits:

  • One central platform for all ICT reports
  • Compello directs further actions and decentralizes notifications to suppliers
  • Front Office is aware of the status of reports at all times
  • Compello monitors the progress and settlement of reports
  • Also compared to the service level agreements in force
  • Front Office can focus on customer support employees
  • Cost-efficient