Compello sponsors PEC Zwolle

It is with great enthousiasm that PEC Zwolle presented its new cosponsor Compello. Compello is a supplier of cloud oriented IT infrastructure. As a cosponsor, Compello delivers for the next five years, a contribution to the ambitions of PEC Zwolle.

Compello sponsors PEC Zwolle

PEC Zwolle aspires to perform at the highest level. For PEC Zwolle it is important to have a strong regional network of companies associated to the club. This regional network of companies have a national coverage. For PEC Zwolle and this network the deployment of IT functionality plays an important role. PEC Zwolle has, by the conclusion of the sponsorship with Compello, a future-proof and reliable IT environment.

Compello is all about innovation. We think your IT must be accessible from every place, at any time. We know how to keep your complicated IT issues simple. And meanwhile, we have a clear focus on datacenters, virtualization and application availability.

Compello’s customers are companies who belief carefree ICT is one of the main success factors. And with carefree ICT we mean less costs, more efficiency and high reliability.