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  • Compello has implemented 700 Microsoft Surface devices at a large childcare organisation. This implementation is part of the IT roadmap drawn up by Compello. This gives employees a device that allows them to flexibly access the required applications in any location.

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  • Compello entered into a new partnership with Myler on 1 December for sourcing IT professionals and contract management. In addition, Compello is part of a group of strategic partners who through a unique network help each other to continue to innovate and stimulate growth.

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  • Login with a username and password. This happens many times a day for all kinds of different services. To remember all these passwords, password applications are often used, user names and passwords are written down or too simple passwords are used for business-critical applications. However, it would be much more practical if there were a solution that would only require the user to log in properly secured once. This can be done through identity management in combination with single sign-on.

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