Cloud Computing

Using Cloud solutions brings you IT out of high secured datacenters. Compello invests in sustainable datacenters, hardware, software and maintenance for your ICT-infrastructure and environment. Your company’s IT infrastructure can be moved out of your office, and placed in our high-security datacenter. It makes it possible for you to access your information, mail and data anywhere at anytime without have to wonder, for example, if antivirus is working and the backups are done correctly. And of course, cloud computing gives you also the benefit of investing simply only in what you really use.

How it works

At your office you probably work with a number of applications, installed on the servers in the company’s server room. However, Cloud computing is emerging and the traditional model of IT changed. Today IT companies offer you, for an attractive fixed monthly price, the solution for an all-in-one IT environment, soft- and hardware, in high-security datacenters.

The only thing that is required to use Cloud computing, is a good internet connection and the right devices. The right devices can be tablets, notebooks or other (thin) clients. When your IT is installed in the datacenter, you can access your critical business applications, e-mail, documents and data from every place, at any time. Provide your company with IT, carefree, without having to worry about backups, maintenance and management.

This complete IT solution, managed in a datacenter, is monthly invoiced and gives you clear, lower IT costs. At any time you can expand or reduce your IT environment without having to invest in additional hardware. Cloud computing gives you huge scalability, high availability and high reliability. There are no big upfront investments, only a clear monthly invoice for your complete IT solution.


Your company has workplaces, a number of servers, a server room, electricity bill, maintenance, licenses etc. Besides these investments, there are variable ICT costs. Some costs can be payed monthly, others annually or are spread out over several years. Probably there are regularly some unexpected costs, because all investments for a complete IT environment are just hard to predict.

Compello gives you the possibility to have your complete IT solution for a fixed, clear monthly invoice. No upfront investments needed for hardware and software. The only requirement is that you have access to a good internet connection. With the Compello IT solutions you can access and use your data, email and documents everywhere and anytime. At the office, at home, on the road and when visiting clients (even abroad). We guarantee that your environment gets the necessary updates and maintenance. Accessing your work desktop will be safe and secure.

Compello offers you the possibility to test our cloud proposition. For example, you can start with your Microsoft Office applications or your email. Using the cloud for your business IT will benefit your company!


Flexible and scalable IT
Authorized access everywhere (99,999%)
Minimized energy costs
Terminable at any time
No upfront investments and clear monthly invoice
Save up to 60% off IT costs