About Compello

Compello is all about innovation. We think your IT must be accessible from any place and at any time. We know how to keep your complicated IT issues simple. And meanwhile, we have a clear focus on cloud solutions, mobility, virtualization and application availability. Customers of Compello are companies where IT is one of their main critical success factors. The impact of IT is becoming more and more important. With lower costs, greater efficiency and optimal reliability, Compello offers various IT solutions that respond to this. Together with our partners we are able to address complex technological challenges as well as strategically challenges.

Your sky
Your sky helps organizations to create the strategy, vision and blueprint for the deployment of cloud services. Both on-premise and/or in datacenters. We are able to make complex things simple, manageable and predictable. Issues around cloud, migration and implementation are key to us.
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Pointeast is a 100% Microsoft SharePoint specialist. Complex Sharepoint challenges are made to a success with a team of experienced professionals. Many large enterprises and institutions already make use of the services of pointeast.
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We manage
We manage specializes in managed services. Both in traditional managed services on premise and in managed services in (hybrid) cloud environments. A well-functioning IT infrastructure is critical and there is a high dependency on it. Clear agreements and expectations are important. For example guaranteed response times on second- and third-line technical support and continuous monitoring for early detection of possible disruptions. Managed services with remote management of IT environments is our core business.
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