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Die Unsichtbaren 2017 download movie torrent

Die Unsichtbaren 2017

While Joseph Goebbels declared that the famous Berlin “free of Jews” in 1943, 1,700 managed to survive in the Nazi capital at the end of the Second World War. Invisibility traces the stories of four young people who have learned to hide in plain sight.

Director: Claus Rfle Writers: Claus Rfle (screenplay), Alejandra Atiqur (screenplay) stars: Max Mauff, Alice Olga, Ruby O. Fee

Berlin, February 1943: The NS-regime explains the capital of the Empire “free of Jews.” At this time, 7000 Jews have managed to go clandestinely. Almost 1700 will survive the horrors of the war in Berlin. Invisibility narrates the stories of four of these contemporary witnesses. Hanni Manish, who has just reached the age of 17, has lost her two parents. Thanks to her dyed, blond hair, she is virtually invisible to her hunters, and walks along the Ku’damm to make time go away. Askin already Cara Schnhaus has also gone underground and leads an adventurous life consisting of buying a sailboat, dining in the best restaurants in Berlin, and becoming a counterfeiter of passports, saving the lives of dozens of other Jews. And while Eugen Friede joins a resistance group that distributes pamphlets against the government, Ruth Arndt and a friend dream about life in America during the day; At night she pretends to be a war widow and serves the Black-Market Gourmet Foods in an NS officer’s apartment. …

Die Unsichtbaren 2017

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