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Consultancy services

Compello considers it important that experienced consultants understand your business. They analyse your wishes and are able to draw up a structured implementation and migration plan. With more than 20 years of experience. This leads to an acceleration of the error-free roll-out and transition to a new situation. Ready for the future!

Implementation and migration plan

The implementation plan translates the wishes and requirements mentioned in a functional plan and a global technical plan into concrete, measurable, ambitious and achievable goals. It records who does what and what is responsible for what, taking into account both hard and soft factors. A fixed part of the implementation plan is a plan for migration to the new environment including timelines, knowledge transfer and attention to the overall option.

Project management

With its certified project managers, Compello supports IT projects through clear analysis and effective management. Planning, execution and budgeting are carried out using our project methodology. Our project approach has been developed on the basis of the Prince2 project methodology. This guarantees optimal results!

Technical advice

Compello strives for concrete technical IT advice in understandable language. Our architects and technical consultants have extensive technical knowledge of IT infrastructures. What are the possibilities, impossibilities and best practices of IT components and IT infrastructures? The architects monitor the coherence. The technical consultants take care of the right layout. Compello can also act as a sparring partner in the IT field.

Training and guidance

Compello has certified IT professionals available who can provide various official training courses, including Microsoft. With the necessary practical experience, these consultants are able to provide specific on-site training courses and are also able to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge with’ training on the job’.