Compello implements and manages Microsoft Azure for Friesland Lease

Compello implements and manages Microsoft Azure for Friesland Lease

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Friesland Lease uses the Microsoft Azure environment to offer a number of portals within their organization. Compello was asked to set up and manage this environment. The Azure environment consists of a test and acceptance environment, production environment and an Azure SQL managed environment. Meanwhile, this Azure environment for Friesland Lease has been realized by Compello. The back-up environment has also been set up to guarantee the availability of this environment.

Compello has already helped a large number of organizations with the transition to Microsoft’s public cloud. However, this always involves considering whether a complete Azure environment is the best solution, or whether it would be better to use a hybrid cloud in which both resources in a private cloud (a datacenter or at the company’s own location) and resources in the public cloud are applied. By means of the right connections between these cloud environments, the most optimal situation is created.

Besides the realization of the environment Compello will also perform the management on this environment. These managed services include service desk support, preventive management, reports and service management. When using the Azure environment, the consumption of resources is an important point of attention. Depending on the needs and the actual use, Azure resources are scaled up and/or down.

Friesland Lease is a pioneer in the discovery and practical application of innovative mobility solutions in which the most sustainable solution in mobility use stands for. They are the first organisation to offer the Lease bicycle and have extensive experience in green gas and electric driving. Friesland Lease is very enterprising and always tries to offer the best tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs.

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