Compello renews IT infrastructure HCO

Compello renews IT infrastructure HCO

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The Historical Centre Overijssel (HCO) is constantly changing in order to be able to serve its customers optimally. The HCO also felt the need to better align the IT environment with these changes. Using the latest possibilities in the field of IT. Compello first draw up an IT memorandum in this process that describes the current possibilities in the field of IT. During joint discussions, the optimal composition of the options was then chosen.

Based on the chosen composition, Compello has drawn up a design in which the various components are incorporated. Not only the (existing) IT components were examined, but also non-IT components to enable employees to make optimal use of the new IT environment. In recent months, the IT infrastructure has been renewed in accordance with the plans and designs drawn up.

Issues in the renewal of the IT infrastructure included:

  • What should the future desktop (workplace) look like?
  • Which applications are currently available and which ones need to be taken into account in the future?
  • Flexibility (easy connection of additional workstations).
  • Future-oriented and scalable.
  • Clarity in the cost structure (fixed price per workstation).
  • Meeting security requirements Basic Information Security (Municipalities and Government) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The trend in the market is that more and more applications are offered via the Software as a Service (SAAS) model. This means that the software is no longer present in the organisation itself, but is purchased from cloud suppliers. These SAAS applications are accessed via an Internet browser. As a result of this trend, the number of applications on a private desktop will decrease in the (near) future.

The route to a cloud environment, using only SAAS applications, never takes place in one go. Various steps are always taken. In many cases, a number of SAASs will be started that will be transferred to a cloud environment in which the other applications will remain active on the private cloud. A software selection process is used to determine which applications must remain active on the private cloud and of which applications an SAAS variant is available (and can also be applied).

For the eventual renewed IT infrastructure, the hybrid cloud model was used. A hybrid cloud model is an IT infrastructure that consists of a combination of two independent cloud infrastructures (private and public) that remain unique entities, but that are connected to each other by a standardized technological solution.

In this model, only the workplaces, printers and local network components are present at the HCO location. The workstations consist of various (mobile) devices. In the private cloud, legacy applications are approached via an RDS (published apps) environment. This private cloud environment is located in a high availability data center, so that optimal flexibility and security is realized. The public cloud consists of SAAS applications (including Office 365, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online) and Azure components (including authentication to create a seamless single sign-on between the various SAAS applications).

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