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American Truck Simulator Torrent

American Truck Simulator

Although Euro Truck Simulator 2 is surprisingly assembled, its success still seems to amaze players who have not experienced the joy of crossing their open highways. However, while the Krejserskite roads and high roads in Europe have their attractiveness, to feel like a real truck driver must hit the US this is exactly what the SKD software is here to deliver, with its latest title of American Truck Simulator.

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You will be harshly pressed to find the differences between the American Truck Simulator and its European predecessor. The game is basically unchanged: start as a free driver, earn money, buy your own truck, and build your own shipping company.

But here, perhaps more than any other franchise, a change in configuration is enough. There is a romance for a coast-to-coast tour in the United States listening to country music on the Internet streaming radio. So even though the games achieve physical and driving pattern remain unchanged, the idea of pulling the load of the entire length of the 66 route feels inexplicably different.

Or at least it will, because currently American Truck Simulator brings only two U.S. 50 states: California and Nevada. Of course, these two countries form a significant land area and can take hours to cross from one side to another – even in the games they have fun are smaliliing all over the world. Unfortunately, it prevents him from embarking on some more emblematic voyages.

It is still early, however, and SKD Software intends to release more states as the downloadable content-it will somehow explain the American budget truck simulator price. Moreover, it would certainly be a multitude of modifications from the community.

Explains the complexity

The world looks amazing, with the game manages to make unity around its natural environment, the expansion of the suburbs, and the inner city look at everything and feel distinctly different. Driving through the day-splendor of the streets of Las Vegas, Neoon surrounds you and the streets are full. This is different from the sand, which has time to reflect on the great spaces around it.

Although the traffic seems less impressive, the trucks especially their interiors are well modeled. This gives you a good feeling of grounding, because you come across regularly looking around the cabin to get a better look at the mirrors and other comments.

If you choose to control the action with a pad, keyboard or wheel, an American truck simulator guides you through a guide to make sure that you are ready before you drive out. My advice, keep the automatic options, at least at first. You will have enough time to learn how to manage the trailer, GPS and other options.

Buy new trucks and set up your company for cargo transport is done through the menu on the right and is explained by extensive lessons. They add depth and focus to actions as you grow your empire and control your finances. That’s not necessarily however, so if you want to stay with a freelance life, to make better loads more stretches and enjoy the strangely soothing kruplvdrugs – then you can.


American Truck Simulator continues the series “fine ancestry and comes at a fantastic budget price. For newcomers to the shipping genre should be mentioned that, in direct comparison, the final version of the Evrotokamion Simulator 2 with all its DLC is a much larger game. But, size aside, the new scenery has some magic for it – especially when you have country music explode from the loudspeakers.

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American Truck Simulator

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